Human Resources

NTP Performance Evaluations

Helpful Hints on Using the NTP Performance Appraisal Forms

The forms may be completed electronically and forwarded from supervisor to employee (and back) as an attachment to email. The forms may also be printed and completed manually should you so desire.

A couple of points worthy of emphasis:

  • IF you are evaluating an employee who is in probationary status, make sure you utilize the probationary form. Contact the Office of Human Resources at (518) 629-4552 to define the "Evaluation Period" for probationary NTPs; this period may be more or less than one year.
  • IF you are evaluating a probationary NTP, make a note on your calendar at the six-month point during the coming evaluation period to remind yourself of the need to complete the "Mid-Term Report."
  • IF you are evaluating a part-time NTP who never attains continuing appointment by virtue of always being a "term" appointment (you reappoint each year by payroll authorization), the evaluation sequence will still be probationary form for the first three years and the continuing appointment form thereafter.
  • IF you are rating an employee on any factor as "Needs Improvement" make sure you include a comment to substantiate or illustrate the rating, and it is expected that Part E, summary of the meeting between supervisor and employee, will contain a reference to the need.
  • IF you are utilizing Part A, Step 3 (additional job-specific performance factors), a dropdown menu of additional suggested factors may be accessed by clicking on the shaded area which starts out with "N/A."

Assistance with any aspect of the system is available by contacting the Office of Human Resources at (518) 629-4552.

Complete an electronic version:

  • Select the appropriate evaluation:
  • The appropriate document will open in a new window. Make sure you save this file to your local machine before modifying the document.
  • Complete the shaded areas (they will expand to fit your content) and save the file.

Print and complete the evaluation(s):