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Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides brief answers to most common questions and issues which arise throughout the year. Contact this office directly at ext. 4552 if further information is required.

In the area of Health and Safety:

Known or Planned Absence for Medical Reasons: When use of leave for medical reasons is planned or known in advance (examples: maternity, surgery), the leave should be discussed with both immediate supervisor and the Office of Human Resources. Contractual and other legal rights may apply to such situations and should be thoroughly understood in advance.

Supervisors should notify Human Resources of any potential extended employee absences as soon as possible once known. Return from Illness/Injury/Hospialization/Surgery: When returning from an injury, hospitalization, any surgery or protracted illness, all employees must report first to the College Health Service to submit physician's clearance to resume job duties. In some cases, the College Physician or Health Service Director may wish to discuss or examine the condition. This process is necessary to protect both college and employee. In general, "light duty" is not allowed.

Injuries or Illness on Campus: No employee, aside from campus safety/security or health staff, is expected to assist an injured individual on the campus. An untrained individual who provides such assistance can do unintentional harm to the injured party and may be exposed to infectious disease. In the case of exposure, the college cannot compel testing to provide assurance that the exposure was harmless.

Emergency Equipment: Automatic External Defibrillators for cardiac emergencies are now available on campus. They are accessible in McDonough and Williams. Public Safety can carry an AED to any point on campus and emergency responders are trained for effective use of the equipment.

Fire Alarms: When fire alarms are activated, all employees are expected to leave the building in which the alarm sounds. Even in a drill, it is a clear policy violation to disregard alarms and such conduct will be pursued as a disciplinary matter.

Incident Reports: If an injury or work-related illness occurs on campus, the injured/ill employee must file an incident report with the College Health Service. No claim for worker's compensation may be processed without such an incident report. Again, return from leave for a comp covered injury or illness must be through the College Health Service.

In the area of Personnel Policy:

Use of College Telephones: The college has a policy concerning use of college telephones for college business and only for college business. Personal calls are to be limited in duration and not conflict with job duties, and long distance calls are to be paid for by the employee, not by the college. Collect calls shall not be accepted. The college monitors use of telephones for both local and long distance calls and will recover costs incurred in personal rather than college business. Supervisors are expected to monitor phone usage and will be provided with phone logs to validate legitimate business use.

Sick Leave: Sick leave is the College's short-term disability insurance. Sick leave may not be utilized in conjunction with holidays or vacations unless validated by a physician's statement or unless a known condition exists. Sick leave is not a payout item at point of resignation, and may not be "liquidated" immediately prior to termination. The College always has the right to require validation of sick leave use, but will almost always do so when sick leave is being used at a rate which exceeds accrual, or when sick leave is used to extend a break in schedule.

Any planned medical leave, such as for surgery or childbirth, needs to be arranged with the supervisor and this office in advance and be documented by Physician's certification of need and projected dates of absence.

Family Medical Leave Act: The College is subject to the FMLA which specifies that qualified employees may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a 12 month period to deal with serious personal or family illness, or the birth or adoption (including foster placement) of a child. The qualification and certification standards are complex and must be applied to individual situations. Contact the Office of Human Resources if such a need for leave arises.

Personal Leave: Personal leave may not be utilized in blocks of days unless the employee is prepared to document that its use was actually for personal business which could not be otherwise accomplished. As with sick leave, it is not to be used to extend holiday or vacation periods. Personal leave is not a payout item at point of termination.

Jury Duty: Jury duty should be brought to the attention of one's supervisors and a copy of the summons sent to this office as soon as one's notice is received in order to ensure that workload is covered and pay eligibility is maintained.

Training: The College is required by a variety of statutes at the state and federal level to provide training to its employees. Where such training is mandated, the college will comply with the law. This may require an employee to attend training sessions and sign certification forms. Failure to comply with such mandates will result in disciplinary action.

Leave Accruals: Leave, which is accrued on a pay period by pay period basis, is not actually "earned" until the end of the pay period. One cannot use the accrued hours in advance of the end of the period. In other words, one earns the biweekly accrual by working all of the days in the pay period, or by covering those days with leave already on the books at the beginning of the period. The only exceptions to this are in the areas of half-pay and termination payouts.

Timesheets: As a public institution, the college must be able to demonstrate that employees are paid for services rendered. While completion of timesheets may seem unnecessary, records of attendance and leave use meet a basic audit standard and must be kept up to date. Timely completion is expected of all employees. Failure to submit time sheets as required may result in withholding of pay.

Name and Address: You should file address and name changes with this office as rapidly as possible to avoid disruption of communication from the college. Forms are available on line.

Work Schedule: The college has a standard work day with two options for most Classified and NTP employees working 37.5 hours per week: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., both with a one hour lunch period. It is not permissible to take lunch at the end of the day and leave early, nor is it permissible to take only a 1/2-hour lunch to shorten the workday. A student, employee or member of the public should always be able to contact a college office until at least 4:30 p.m. Where work demands are better served by a non-standard schedule, different arrangements may be made through consultation with Human Resources.

College Forms and Information: The College and the Office of Human Resources provides a link and allows downloading of commonly used forms such as Civil Service and Professional Employment Applications, Personal Data Change (name, address, etc.), Tuition Waiver, Request for Search, Candidate Screening, Sabbatical Leave Request, NTP Vacation Bank Withdrawal, Collective Bargaining Agreements, NTP Evaluation forms, Dental and Blue Shield Claim Forms, and the Employee Handbook. It also provides current employment opportunity information and Health Insurance Rates.