Honor Scholar

Cap and DiplomaHonorScholar Faculty Talk

"When you get a good group of intellectually curious, highly motivated individuals in a room talking about ideas, then you’re going to have a fantastic experience. If that’s what you want, this is a great place. Hudson Valley has a great tradition of caring for its students and meeting their needs. We now have a unique and structured opportunity to engage with other motivated students. It’s a great experience not only for the students but for the faculty as well."
Peter Sawyer, Ph.D.
History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences, Department Chairperson

"My honors class is based on the idea that critical thinking is fundamental to scholarship. We want our students to be valued for who they are as scholars and intellectuals. And when they find themselves together, taking classes as a group, the camaraderie and the esprit de corps that comes from that accelerates their learning. This is what makes the program such a pleasure. I am but a member of this community of scholars."
Daniel Polak
History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences, Professor

"It’s a great educational opportunity for a select group of students who have achieved academic success and have an interest in pursuing a course of studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences. I can promise you that this is one of the best values you are likely to find in higher education."
Brian Vlieg
Individual Studies, Department Chairperson

HonorScholar Students Talk

"Smaller classes have allowed a more personal relationship between students in the classes and our professors. With honors courses, because of that personal connection, I’m able to know my peers better. I’m able to get a lot of attention from my teachers who push us to go further."

"I chose the honors program because I wanted to experiment with a new kind of class that was smaller, more personal, more discussion and more in-depth…. The format of the course was more like a grad school seminar."

"I really think that the honors program can prepare you for any job because what you get out of it is a new way of thinking. … There are very high expectations for the quality of your work and your ability to synthesize concepts and information."

"I remember walking into my first class and I kind of felt like an outsider, but this is a group of people with open minds. They’re curious. They want to learn, and ever since then, with every class, I’ve gained so much appreciation for everyone in the program."

"We all come from such different backgrounds, but that’s one of the strengths of this program. It’s a family, a real community of students and professors."

"The resilience that surrounds you every day is one of the most remarkable things you’ll find."