College in the High School

Quick Reference Guide for Teachers

Institutional Records and Policies

Academic Calendar

Address Changes
All faculty and staff address changes must be made with a personnel data change form and submitted to Human Resources. You should also notify the Office of School Programs at (518) 629-8164.

Certificate of Residence

Course Outline and Syllabus
You should obtain the course outline from your department chair prior to the start of the semester. You will have to distribute the course outline to each student in your class. Providing a syllabus is optional, but highly recommended.

Course Withdrawal
Matriculated and non-matriculated students may withdraw from a course without academic penalty by filling out a Course Withdrawal Form available in your Guidance Office. Students must have the withdrawal form signed by the Guidance Office. Course Withdrawal Forms should then be turned in to the college's Registrar's Office. Discontinuance of class attendance, oral, or written notice to the instructor do not constitute authorized withdrawal.

Withdrawal deadlines are listed on the appropriate Registration Calendar.

*Note: Students must comply with the assigned withdrawal deadline for each academic session. Any student who does not withdraw from his/her course on or before the assigned withdrawal date will receive the grade that he or she earns.

Observation of Teaching
It is mandatory for all instructors to be observed by their department chair. Please consult with your department chair for more information.

Registrar’s Office

Grade Book and Attendance Book Submission
Grade and Attendance Books will be distributed preceding the census date. Students not listed should go to the Registrar's Office immediately. It is important that you keep accurate attendance and grade records. Your grade books will be placed on permanent file in the Registrar's Office at the end of the term. You will have to submit both books to the Registrar’s Office by the grade submission due date and sign a form documenting the submission. If you do not receive your grade and attendance books please contact the Registrar's Office at (518) 629-4574. Your department chair may or may not require a copy of these for their files. Faculty Handbook Aug. 02, refer to 303.0, 303.1, 305.1, 306.0, 306.1

Grade Change Authorization
Grade Change forms are available in the Registrar's Office or the Office of School Programs. A change of grade may be made only by the instructor of the course in question and countersigned by your department chair prior to being submitted to the Registrar's Office. Faculty Handbook July 01, refer to 307.0

Grade Submission
Final grades are posted on the student's official transcript at the end of each term for the fall, spring, and summer. A memo will be distributed from the Registrar's Office regarding the submission of grades via the Web on WIReD. Please make special note of submission deadlines. For more information, please see the college's grading system. Faculty Handbook Aug. 02, refer to 306.0

Grading Policy
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Student Confidentiality/FERPA
Student confidentiality is a priority at Hudson Valley. No personal information may be disclosed of any student including phone number, addresses, grades, etc. Each student is issued a random ID number upon registration for courses. Student email accounts are also generated with random numbers. Please familiarize yourself with the FERPA law. If you have any questions, please contact the college's Registrar at (518) 629-4574 for more information.

Withdrawal Policy
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