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First-Time Instructor Checklist

Check Academic Calendar
Check Campus Map
Check Deadlines
Due to the public funding received by the college, state and federal mandates require strict record keeping. It is important to make a note of deadlines when they are announced. All required material must be submitted on time.
Check Email and Contact Information
All employees of the college are automatically provided with a computer account secured by a user ID and password, which provides access to the campus email system after all paperwork has been processed through Human Resources. You can access this account both on campus and at home via the college's WebMail. Email correspondence is an integral part of communication at Hudson Valley Community College. All official college business is communicated via the campus email system. To keep abreast of all important announcements and deadlines for which you will be responsible, please check your email on a daily basis. Most offices won't keep your personal email address on file.

Click here for instructions on accessing your employee email account.

Please note: An important aspect of a syllabus is the instructor's contact information. Please remember to include your name, campus address, email and phone number. (Adjunct instructors do not receive a campus voicemail box and can provide a personal phone number if they choose to.)
Check Department Chair/ Faculty Orientation and Training
Your department chair will be your first point of contact at the college. Check with your department chair to make sure that you have filled out all the necessary paperwork with Human Resources. If you have any curriculum or content-based inquiries, you should speak with your department chair.

Each new employee is federally mandated to attend an OSHA training. If your first term will be in the fall, you will have the opportunity to attend this training during the New Faculty Orientation. If you are starting during another term, check with your department chair for a schedule.
Check Emergency Class Cancellation
Due to inclement weather or campus emergency:
In case of inclement weather or extenuating circumstances that may cause the college to close or postpone operations, the college will announce cancellations on local radio, television, www.hvcc.edu, and the emergency closing phone line (629-4822).
Please note that off-campus classes will not be cancelled due to an on-campus problem such as a water main break.
The following stations will announce the necessary information: WROW-590 AM, WYJB-95.5 FM, WFLY-92.3 FM, WPTR -96.3 FM, WKLI-100.9 WKBE-100.3 FM, WABY-94 FM, WRVE-99 FM, WGY-810 AM, WGNA-107.7 FM, WPYX-106.5 FM, WTRY-98 FM, WKIP-1450 FM, WCKL -560 AM, WHUC-1230 AM, WELV-1370 FM, WCKM-98.5 FM, WCTJ-96.1 FM, WTHK-93.5 FM, WRGB-NEWS CENTER 6, WTEN-CHANNEL 10, WNYT-CHANNEL 13.

Due to personal emergency:
If you must cancel a course due to a personal emergency, please contact your department chair immediately. If you teach during the evening (4 p.m. or later), the weekend, off campus, intersession, or summer session, you will also need to contact the Office of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions at (518) 629-7338 to cancel your class. A notice will be posted on the classroom door.
Check Keys
Many departments issue faculty a key to the department's main office. Please check with your department chair for a key to the main office and your individual office (if applicable). Keys may be picked up at Public Safety in the Campus Center.

The keys to the Faculty Resource Room located in BTC 1052 may be requested through your department.

Please note: If you are teaching a class in a computer room in the BTC, your classroom key will open the Faculty Resource Room.
Check Office Hours
Each faculty member is expected to hold office hours. During office hours students may solicit assistance in problems they may be experiencing in courses offered by the faculty member, and faculty member's advice regarding alternative course selections in a discipline. As office hour time permits, the faculty member also may address other matters of interest to his/her students.

Full-time faculty shall maintain not less than five (5) office hours each week. Such office hours will be scheduled throughout the week so that faculty are readily available to students. Faculty shall post their office hour schedules on their office doors and file a copy with their department chair. Full-time faculty who accept optional overload assignments shall maintain one (1) additional office hour each week for each additional course taught.

Part-time faculty shall maintain office hours in accordance with the following:
Contact Hours Per Week
Office Hours Per Week
Part-time faculty should check with your department chair for access to an office where you can meet with students.
Check Payroll/Pay Dates
Your paycheck will be mailed to your home address unless you request to pick it up at the Payroll Office or at the Cashier’s Office. The payroll office is located in the Administration Building (ADM) room 270. You can reach this office by phone at (518) 629-4514 or (518) 629-4515. The Cashier’s Office is in Guenther Enrollment Services Center (GUN) room 125. You can reach the Cashier’s Office by phone at (518) 629-4504.

Should you wish to request that your paycheck is directly deposited into your personal bank account, please contact the Payroll Office to request the appropriate paperwork.

A listing of pay dates is available on the Payroll Office webpage.

Please refer to this chart for assistance in completing Part-Time Faculty Attendance Sheets.
Check Photo ID card
Each faculty member is issued and expected to carry a Hudson Valley Community College photo ID card. You should obtain this card from Public Safety. It will allow access to the faculty parking lot behind Lang Building and Fitzgibbons Health Technologies Center as well as library access.
Check Supplies
Your department will assist you in obtaining any supplies you need for the semester such as transparencies, newsprint, etc. Please contact your department chair for more information.
Check WIReD Services
You should become familiar with the WIReD website. It will allow you to access student information, your class assignments, and a roster that is updated daily. You can access your account on WIReD from the main page by clicking on the login link and following the directions.

Students have access to view their unofficial transcript, bill and schedule. Students also can register online within the WIReD website.