Conference Facilities
Video and Teleconferencing

Video and TeleconferencingWith its state-of-the-art technology and expert full-time staff, Hudson Valley Community College can work with you to meet your needs whatever they may be. From videoconferencing to teleconferencing, from studio production to video editing, the professionals at Viking Video Technologies – the college’s full-service video and communications production house – can help make your project a success.

The Bulmer Telecommunications Center is equipped for ISDN and TC/PIP videoconferencing as well as satellite teleconferencing. The staff at Viking Video Technologies can help you choose which method is most cost effective for your project or event.

With two 34 foot by 34 foot studios and a 240-seat auditorium built as a full-function television production studio, the Bulmer Telecommunications Center’s facilities offer maximum flexibility. Viking Video Technologies staff work with state-of-the-art production equipment, such as Hitachi Z-4000W cameras, a digital character generator, digital tape recorders and LCD studio teleprompters.

The Bulmer Telecommunications Center also features a complete production studio, where our staff can tape, edit, and produce programs of the highest quality.

Video and Teleconferencing