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The Adventure Training Program is a unique participatory learning experience that can help companies and organizations build communication, teamwork and leadership. The program is led by experienced, knowledgeable instructors who are committed to building trust, communication and cooperation in a fun atmosphere.

This is a safe, effective training exercise where participants work together to successfully conquer obstacles and challenges, building teamwork, camaraderie and leadership skills. Using safety equipment to reduce any actual risk, participants conquer “perceived risks” with the help of their team. The program is suitable for everyone regardless of their previous physical training.

Hudson Valley’s modern facilities offer the perfect setting for the Adventure Training Program. Indoor high ropes activities are located throughout the field house of the McDonough Sports Complex. Both high and low outdoor ropes activities are located adjacent to the Joseph L. Bruno Stadium.

Adventure Training facilitators are specially trained to ensure a safe and successful program. Participant to facilitator ratio will be 12:1. The college’s extensive array of equipment allows its team of facilitators to work with groups of up to 50 participants. Program equipment meets or exceeds industry standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology.


The Adventure Training Program is available for half- or full-day rental. Call a representative in the Office of Special Events at (518) 629-4829 for more information.

Additional information on this program may be obtained from:
The Office of Institutional Services and Events
McDonough Sports Complex
Hudson Valley Community College
Phone (518) 629-4829