Capital District Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)
a division of Hudson Valley Community College

Student Services

Support ServicesSupport services and individualized instruction are provided so adults can adapt more easily to their return to school and/or transition to the work force.

Students are offered career assessment, employability skills and employment service. The Employment Services Center, initially funded by the New York State Education Department's Perkin's III allocation, has a staff of employment specialists, to help individuals seek and obtain jobs through resume preparation and cover letter assistance, computer and internet access, research assistance, job development and placement activities, and other job hunting aids. Counseling Services help students overcome personal barriers to academic and vocational success. Job readiness training is also available.

College Connections

College Connections is designed to increase awareness of college opportunities for all EOC students and to highlight the benefits of a college degree.

College Connections helps individuals:

  • explore college options through college fairs, workshops, and field trips;
  • take tours of college campuses;
  • select a college and program of study that will fit their needs;
  • complete the college application process;
  • attend college readiness workshops to earn a College Readiness Certificate; and
  • explore scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

If you would like to go to college but don’t know where to start,
College Connections can help!

For further information, call (518) 273-1900 ext. 2770.

Employment Services

Location: Troy EOC, Room 201 or Albany EOC, Room 302
Phone: (518) 273-1900 ext. 2770

The Employment Services staff is interested in your long-term employment success. Please feel free to stop in and visit the Employment Services Center and/or schedule a time to meet with one of our Employment Specialists. We look forward to meeting and assisting you in getting and keeping the job that is right for you!

Services Provided

  • Employment Services Centers
    The EOC's Employment Services Center, funded by the New York State Education Department's Perkins III allocation, provides a wide variety of resources and services to assist you in your job search and employment success. Services include: state-of-the-art computer equipment; employer job listings and referrals; internet access; career reference materials; facsimile and copy machines to use for your job search, and more. The center is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. Call (518) 273-1900, extension 2270 for up-to-date information. All visitors must sign in with our receptionist.
  • Career Counseling
    One-on-one counseling regarding present skills and training available to develop an attainable career path for long-term success is available. Referral service for employment incentives also is provided.
  • Career and Personal Development Training
    We provide group training and/or individualized counseling with regard to job readiness and preparation, barriers to employment (felony convictions, transportation, child care, disabilities), interviewing skills and preparation, personal presentation skills, job search strategies, job retention, health related issues affecting employment, problem-solving, professionalism in the workplace and more.
  • Resume Profile Development
    An assessment of your employment and training experiences will be discussed in order to develop a concise, professional, and marketable resume to give you the edge in today's job market. Cover letter assistance may also be provided.
  • Portfolio Development
    We assist in the compilation of your resume, business references, recommendation letters, awards and certificates, and other materials that will be helpful in obtaining employment and reaching your career goals.
  • Employment Opportunities - Job Opportunities Center Bulletin Board
    Job opportunities are posted outside the Employment Services Centers and updated frequently. Daily newspapers and internet access to job postings to those seeking employment.
  • Re-Employment Opportunities
    Our job network is available to all current and former students as well as graduates to help them maintain continuous employment. If you become unemployed, please free to contact one of our employment specialists for assistance and/or utilize the Employment Centers and Job Opportunity Center bulletin board.
  • Internships to gain work experience for the new career training
    In an effort to instill work habits that will improve job retention and enhance long-term employability, responsibility and self-esteem, actively enrolled students have the opportunity to participate in an internship program. Interested students must achieve a required skill level and possess a satisfactory performance in their training program before being placed in internships. In some cases, internships are paid; however, in most situations the internship experience is unpaid.

Counseling Services

The EOC's Counselors work diligently to give each student the greatest chance at achieving success throughout their enrollment. Returning to school brings stressful and uncomfortable feelings to most adults. Counselors try to insure that students gain the academic, social, and emotional support needed to successfully complete their program of choice. EOC's Counseling Services include the following:

  • Assessment of Student Interests and Abilities
  • Personal Counseling and Problem Solving
  • Day to Day Support - to assist in successful program completion
  • Community Agency Referral
  • Assistance with High School Equivalency (HSE) Applications
  • Assistance with College Applications, Financial Aid
  • General College Information

Questions About Counseling Services

What is Counseling?
Counseling is working on personal growth, on problem solving and on decision making. It is an opportunity to benefit from working on issues with an experienced, professional helper. The counseling relationship is one that is non-judgmental, objective, understanding, confidential and focused on the individual's concerns.

What can I talk about in Counseling?
Some concerns often brought to counselors are: developing self-confidence; managing stress; making life, career, and educational decisions; discussing barriers to succeeding in your program; problems in personal and family relationships; referral for other professional services; issues regarding alcohol and other drug abuse; violence in relationships; harassment and financial survival while returning to school. Students should feel comfortable bringing to the attention of the counselor any subject that may be affecting their attendance or performance at the EOC. For those areas that may fall outside a counselor's expertise, referrals are made to other organizations and providers that can best help the student.

Where can I find my Counselor?
Each counselor has a private office where you may confidentially discuss issues and concerns. Counselors also visit classrooms regularly and confer with faculty regarding attendance issues and behavioral adjustments of students.

When is Counseling available?
Counseling is available Monday through Friday during the day between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the EOC's facilities in Albany and Troy. It is best if an appointment is made with the Counselor to insure that you will have sufficient time to talk. Counselors are available before, after and in-between classes to make appointments.

Is Counseling Confidential?
Counseling sessions and their content are confidential, consistent with the legal obligations of the Counselor and regulatory requirements. When there is a clear and imminent danger to the individual or others, the Counselor will take reasonable action and or inform the authorities, as required by law. Consultation with other Counselors or the Student Services Coordinator may occur to insure the best possible service by the Counselor. These conversations are professional in nature and therefore also confidential.