Teacher Preparation Department
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The Teacher Preparation Department prepares students to work professionally with all types of young children in schools and childcare agencies. Program graduates have found satisfying career opportunities in a wide range of childcare agencies and as teaching assistants in local education agencies. While some graduates have gone directly from Hudson Valley Community College to employment, 70 - 75 percent has continued their education at colleges and universities.

Teacher Preparation Department Conceptual Framework and NAEYC Standards

In our classes, students gain a broad understanding of the needs of children and adolescents and the methods of meeting those needs. The skills required for developmentally appropriate early childhood education are taught through classroom theory, observation, and student teaching in early childhood agencies and primary schools. Our course offerings are diverse, encompassing issues relative to children from birth to high school age. Faculty teach in a variety of learning environments to meet the diverse needs of our students such as on campus, off campus, online and on weekends. Students learn to understand how children develop emotionally, socially, physiologically and cognitively.

With the Teacher Preparation Department, a student may enroll in either the Early Childhood degree program or the Teacher Assistant certificate program. Students enrolled in our field based courses in the Teacher Preparation Department complete field work in off-campus facilities to enhance their learning experiences. There is an extensive collection of early childhood and special education learning materials for use in students' field work placement. The department's Student Resource and Computer Center further supports students in the program.

Our students engage in field experience within a school or childcare agency each term in urban, rural, and suburban settings with high risk and special needs children.

Our program is closely aligned with the criteria from accreditation standards, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards and the New York Learning Standards. These standards are integrated into our departmental Conceptual Framework.

Contact Information

Antoinette Howard
Department Chair
Higbee Hall, Room 109
(518) 629-7250
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