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The Mysterious Woman

Valentina Kaganovich

I never really believed in ghosts or witches or anything like that. A lot of people in my country, Belarus, used to tell me stories about seeing ghosts, but I never believed them. I didn't believe them until the night I saw the woman.

It was a cold night, and it was raining. I was only about fourteen or fifteen years old. We had just finished dinner, and I went to sit in my doorway to look at the rain. I then saw a woman in the rain. At first, I didn't really think anything about it. She walked slowly. She had a long kind of dress that blew in the wind. As she came closer, I could see her carrying a small child, and I heard her singing to calm her crying child. When she was about twenty feet away from me, my mouth dropped open. I could see right through her. She walked past me as though I was not even there, still singing to her child. I ran inside the house and told my mother what I had seen. She told me about a woman who used to live in the area we used to live in. No one ever knew how they died. They say that on some nights, you can hear her singing and trying to make her baby go to sleep. From that night, I believed in ghosts!

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