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Societies Cerebral Restraints

I the believer,
See that you the skeptic,
Are tricked by the ploy of the. . .,
. . .,
. . .,
I see the same blackness in the night sky,
That is contained in their watching eyes.
I find the belief through intake
Of the knowledge overlooked by the world.
We are the white walled people,
So was Copernicus,
The Spanish inquisition never ended,
It just became obsolete,
and was reformed.

Where are the heroes, the quests?
The new world void of epics.
Replaced by comfortable suburban homes,
And the life long struggles to afford it.
Taxes and five to niners.
The adventure substitute;
Which burger at McDonald's to buy.
A rich man robs a bank.
He gets away with two grand worth of excitement,
He gives the money to some bum on the street,
The last of the adventurers holds a tie.
The mass unsatisfied,
The few who act on it,
The laws that restrain them.
What is one to do in the boundaries of the law?
Eight dollar movies to watch an actor get
What everyone enjoyed for free.

Jeff Tario

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