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My Life in a Shoebox

If it wasn't for that little
Blue Card the government
wouldn't even know I
exist. My name is Ben-
A nine digit number
that, after my death,
will be recycled and given
to someone with another
name. When my father got
remarried he sent me
Postcards as if I would
care if they were enjoying
their honeymoon or not.
I don't care.
I never care.
Another postcard from
a best friend who's lost
his way and his girlfriend
and now has turned to
drugs and alcohol and
will die a miserable
man with a talent greater
than most will ever know.
Papers and dollars
with letters written on
them from girls from
Switzerland and Global
Studies. How highschool
was such a waste
of time.
Pictures from highschool
dances that I hated.
Dances that cost too
much and give too
little. But-
I don't care.
I never care.
Directions to a house
in Long Island that
I will never see.
Twenty-nine ticket
stubs to movies
I mostly don't
remember and
Probably don't care
to remember. Two
little button things from
the museum in New York City.
Two Broadway tickets
to shows seen on the
same day I went
to the museum.
Too much culture
in too little time.
It hurts my head
and blows my mind.
These are the only lines
that rhyme. But-
I don't care.
I never care.
Concert tickets
to Ray Charles
at the Jazz festival.
Ozzy Ozborne.
I got my ribs kicked
in at that show
and Ozzy mooned
the crowd. What
a great show. Two
tickets for Bob Dylan.
My all time favorite
human being. I have
20 CD's and 2 books
of his besides. I have
A ticket from his son
in concert too. The
Wallflowers aren't as
good as Bob. In fact
they aren't very good
at all. But-
I don't care.
I never care.
There was a couple
more tickets for
a folk festival
and an Irish
festival. They
were fun. The
Irish have good
Beer. The last thing
from the box are
my tarot cards.
They're supposed to tell
the future. They're
usually wrong. Who
knows what the
future holds? Maybe
the world will end
tomorrow. But-
I don't care.
I never care.

Ben Hewitt

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