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I, the elements

My life is water.
And where does the river flow
but down.
Droplets of memory
small whirlpools of experience
on the banks of forgetfulness
play with each other
washing up to greet the dry sand
and trickling back down. . .
My life is fire.
Great horns of flame
piercing the sky with red and bronze
an inferno of emotion rages on.
But when all of you
my fuel
are gone,
the fire must dwindle
to a low orange glow.
My life is soil,
firm and fertile,
seeds of thought planted
by careful farmers.
Full of life and death
I cycle, giving life
and taking back
until nothing's left to take
that I haven't given
and nothing's left to give.
My life is the sky.
Broad zephyrs
wide winds of tidings, bittersweet
airy thoughts come and go
whisper words and vanish
as quickly another voice
is borne on the breeze.
I am the water
controlling the fire
feeding on earth and air
as one I am whole.

Bennett Campbell

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