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She Only Drinks French Vanilla Cappuccino

Wesley Slyke

"Let's go to the campus center and get some cappuccino. We still have 20 minutes before class." She said this unnecessarily since they go anyway every Tuesday at the same time.

"All right, it'll give me time to smoke a cigarette."

"Jesus Kyle, you and your cigarettes."

What? Does it irritate you that much?" he asked, slightly revealing his own irritation at her question.

"I don't understand why you have to smoke around me. You know I can't stand it, and you do it anyway."

"Good Lord, Amber, we're outside! It's not like I'm blowing it in your face in a little room or something."

She didn't say anything. Instead, they both just walked along, stewing a little and thinking to themselves. After awhile, Kyle finished his cigarette and flicked it away. Then he blew the remaining smoke he held in his lungs straight into Amber's face.

"Ahh, stop!"

"Calm down. I'm just kidding around. God you're sensitive. If I touch you, will you break? Come here!" With that he pulled her toward him and started tickling her in the ribs.

"Stop it, Stop it!" she said laughing.

"All right. I got my proof; you won't break," he said smiling. "So, what'd you do last night, anything good?"

"Not really. Heather and Dean came over, and Dean brought one of his friends with him, nothing big."

"Which friend?"

"I think his name was Eric. Yeah, Eric Wright."

"Pssssss," he said, shaking his head.



"No, what?"

"Naa, I just know that kid. I think he's a herb."

"Well, he seemed real nice to me. . .plus he asked me out this weekend," she said, rolling her eyes up at him teasingly.

"Really?" he said, slightly taken aback.


"You going?" he asked after a slight pause.

"I don't know yet. He'd said he'd call me."

After that Kyle reached into his pocked for another cigarette. He fumbled through his pocket first grabbing his keys, then his sunglasses, and then finally his pack of cigarettes. But by the time he had gotten the cigarette out and in his mouth, they had almost reached the campus center. So he took it out of his mouth and stuck it behind his ear. Amber didn't notice any of this. Or if she had, she didn't say anything.

They both walked into the campus center straight toward the cappuccino line. The line was so long it stretched and coiled much like a snake until the very end disappeared around the corner.

"Today must be free cappuccino day," Kyle said with gusto and a smile on his face, almost as if it were really true. Other people in line turned and looked at him after he said this, nodding their heads in silent understanding at the absurdly long line.

"I wish it was, I'm close to flat broke," said Amber, who was disgustedly looking into her wallet.

"You want me to buy? I've got a five spot."
"Naw that's okay." After she said this Kyle happened to catch sight of a twenty in her wallet.

"Woo rich girl, what're you itchin' about?"

"I know, but I need to go out this Thursday. It's bar money."

"Enough said, I gotta see what I can scrounge up myself."

"You goin' to The Pitfall?"


"I look forward to seeing you then," she said formally but at the same time playfully.

"And I you Mrs. Straightfield," Kyle said as he grabbed her hand and kissed it.

Finally, after what seemed like too long a wait for cappuccino that was too highly priced, they reached the head of the line and grabbed their cups. Right away Amber stuck her cup under French Vanilla and filled it up perfectly, letting her finger off the button at the precise moment before it would have overflowed. Kyle, on the other hand, stood in a confused state for a few seconds before finally deciding to stick his cup under Hazelnut.

"Uhh, what're gettin' Hazelnut for?" Amber asked in disgust.

"I don't know. I never had it before. Maybe I'll like it. Most of the time I never get my cappuccino here anyway-except on Tuesdays of course," he said, smiling at her. Everyday I try something new. So far my personal favorite is Mocha mixed with a little bit of French Vanilla."

"That's nasty," Amber said once more with that disgusted look on her face. "You mix 'em?"

"Yeah, it's pretty good, Kyle said, uncertain why he had to defend something as unimportant as cappuccino preference. Amber didn't say anything.

After paying way too much for ordinary cappuccino, they both walked over and sat down at a table. They talked, and Kyle seemed to be playing close attention to Amber. He had a look on his face as though he was concentrating. He was, but not on conversation. He was thinking to himself.

"Why can't she just over look unimportant flaws," he thought to himself. "So I smoke and mix cappuccino, so what? We all have our vices. . .if you want to call mixing cappuccino a vice. Do I have to be like Eric Wright, fake? I'd look over any flaw she had, anything. But I can see 'she' just isn't that type."

"Kyle, Kyle!" Amber yelled, snapping him out of his daze.

"Huh, what," he said startled.

"I figured I'd call you back to earth. It's time to go to class."

"Oh, sorry. I guess I was dazing out."

"I do it all the time, too," she said as they both said good-bye and started off on their separate ways to class. "Maybe I'll see you at The Pitfall this Thursday," Amber called after Kyle as he was walking away.

"Yeah. I hope so. I'll buy you a drink," Kyle yelled back.

As Kyle walked to class, he sipped on his Hazelnut cappuccino and smoked the cigarette he had stashed behind his ear. Consequently, he discovered he didn't like Hazelnut after all.

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