English, Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language

Student Showcase

A journal of student writing published by the English Department of  Hudson Valley Community College Troy, New York. All rights to reproduction by any means revert to the writer  upon publication.

Walk This Way, David Salmon, Jr.  
Got Change, David Salmon, Jr.  
Lost , William R. Majewski  
The Son of a Hero, Barry Sparks III 
Insecta, Bennett Campbell  
Chalk, Ben Hewitt  
My Life in a Shoebox, Ben Hewitt  
She Only Drinks French Vanilla Cappuccino, Wesley Slyke 
Luck and Love, Jonathan J. Sheehan 
Long Ago, Sharon Baker 
Boundaries and Dreams, Ian Lewis 
The Light Found Within the Dark, Shannon Conroy 
Endless River, Kimberly Malinski  
Rain in Troy, Rebecca S. Moul  
I, the Elements, Bennett Campbell  
Moments, erika kirtoglou 
Love, Alexander Mal'tsev 
Societies Cerebral Restraints, Jeff Tario  
Writing Style, Michelle Salazar 
Her Father's Affair, Rebecca S. Moul 
The Hoping Girl, Olivia Chan 
The Mysterious Woman, Valentina Kaganovich 
Untitled essay, Wesley Slyke 
Short Stack S. Lavoie 
Sea Creatures Jason Wheeler 
Ode to Conceit, Erika kirtoglou 
Untitled essay, Vuong Nguyen 
The Gift, Michelle VanAlstyne 
Far From Sober, Jason Panucci 
Safely Home, Maria Sosa 
Treason in Faith Timothy J. Crowe 
 Preparations, John Pomykaj 
Waiting, Megan Kozlowski 
And I Go On, Jonathan J. Sheehan